Ask A Genius 9 – The Future of Popular Culture

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Ask A Genius 9 – The Future of Popular Culture

Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

November 5, 2016

Scott: What about popular cultures in the future? What will happen to celebrities in this future world?

Rick: What you’ve seen scripted and on reality TV shows is an opening of all aspects of life to portrayal in the media starting under JFK in the early 60s, it was known to the news media that he was banging a bunch of different people or he had banged some people from time-to-time.

They kept it all quiet. Then Gary Hart, a presidential candidate in the 90s. He was the first guy to get nailed with an affair. Now, when you turn on TV, on ABC match game, there was an implied gay sex joke involving a 10-inch penis. When I was watching TV with my wife, I am amazed at what is part of public discourse.

According to some of the science fiction I read, more and more convincing, Oscar-winning, performances may involve actual sex. Chloe Sevigny in a movie called The Brown Bunny actually blew her director and co-star on camera. She’s still a respected actress. This was part of the performance.

She had an actual penis in her mouth. There was a director named Michael Winterbottom, who is a respected and legitimate director who directed a movie called Nine Songs, where the characters had actual sex on camera and it was part of the story. It wasn’t a good movie or involving story.

However, the trend will be to include everything. Respected actors will have close-to-sex on camera if the story requires it, or if somebody thinks that movie can make another few tens of millions of bucks by throwing that stuff into it. You’ll have Boyhood and Dazed and Confused with people actually growing up over many years.

Eventually, somebody will win an Oscar by playing out their disease on camera. Imagine a Meryl Streep in 12 years comes down with some disease, that’ll take two years to kill her. Somebody would come up with a pitch for her if that was public knowledge.

Media will become more and more inclusive of all aspects of life. It will become more and more intrusive. More and more people will be hooked up to cameras all the time, the way millions of people have blogs now. A million or ten million people will have their lives available to be observed all of the time.

The thing is, TV and the internet are going to emerge into one entertainment hub. People will have their lives examined hosts and purported experts.



Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


In-Sight Publishing


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

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