Ask A Genius 25 – Informational Cosmology

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Ask A Genius 25 – Informational Cosmology

Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

December 3, 2016

Scott: As a preface to all of this, we’re two guys having fun, think for yourself on this. Regardless, if it’s true, then it’s true, conceptually with a little math at the moment. Informational Cosmology is an extension of BB cosmology, which comes from digital physics, not entirely…

Rick: Let me interrupt you right there, one problem with digital physics is that no one has made a convincing argument as to how it matches up with the daily business of the universe, the moment-to-moment business of the universe.

At some point, people can say the universe is a giant information processor or giant computer. There has to be a scheme that fits how our electrons locking into orbit around protons looks informationally.

What are protons locking together in nuclei through fusion? What is that informationally?

Scott: This is for large-scale cosmic structures as well.

Rick: Yea – what’s a black hole informationally?

Galactic groups, clusters, superclusters, filaments, even the Cosmic Web. Yea, and what are we? We’re people doing people stuff. But how does people doing people stuff fit into a scheme where the universe is a computer. Does that mean if our minds are information processors then do we have primitive homonculi little people – Minecraft version people doing Minecraft business? It’s hard to say. But IC, at least, offers a framework for saying this might be a deal.

Scott: A conceptual mapping with a little math at the moment.

Rick: Conceptual because I’m shit at math. I’m okay at math. I’m a guy who when I was supposed to be taking math classes. I was in a bar and being a stripper. If anything offended me in a math or physics class, then I would blow it off and take a dance class to be a better stripper. My founding in Hamiltonians, action potentials, and quantum matrices is bad. If I weren’t so bad at math, there might be more math and less energetic handwaving.



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