Ask A Genius 34 – Informational Cosmology 10

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Ask A Genius 34 – Informational Cosmology 10

Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

December 13, 2016

Scott: What about concept clusters?

Rick: The concept clusters, or the chunks of information in your brain, are in the order of 100,00 things in your brain. The concept of running. The concept of farting. It includes the word fart and all of the variations on it.

Scoffing! If you watch TV with the closed captioning on, scoffing is one of the hugest things people do on TV. Some character is always scoffing at another. Although, in real life, there is not nearly as much scoffing.

But on TV, there’s a bunch of scoffing. I have a concept cluster in my brain somewhere that include scoffing. The idea that I say something and somebody reacts to it, visibly, as if it is bullshit.

That may be a concept cluster that is reflected by a bunch of or a swirl of information in information space. A galaxy of information. There may be around a 100,00 of those if you could map our information spaces.

That seems like the right magnitude. It could be less. It could be that we form our concepts on an impromptu basis with concept clusters, where maybe we don’t have concept clusters that are reserved specifically for pomegranate because we don’t use it much. But to get pomegranate.

We need a bunch of them. Or it could be that real estate development in our brain is easy as pie and we could throw up a million of them or every little thing, where you have 100,000 plus or minus one power of 10.

It seems like a reasonable guess at the size of our mental universe if you could map it informationally – which we’ll be eventually able to do and you might have a 100,000 galaxies.



Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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Rick Rosner

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Rick Rosner

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