Ask A Genius 41 – Informational Cosmology 17

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Ask A Genius 41 – Informational Cosmology 17

Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

December 26, 2016

Scott: What does this definition of T=0 imply under IC? It’s an older universe.

Rick: In fact, a lot older because it would take many millions of light years to get to that star, but under IC we suggest that T=0 is not simply an echo of olden times close to when the Big Bang was, but that the Big Bang expands part of the universe at a time.

There is more than one Big Bang. The universe is a series of biggish bangs that open up parts of that universe from across time. It is a series of expansions and contractions, not an oscillating universe, but more like a boiling universe.

Different parts of the universe bubble up over time, but there is always kind of an active center that is the bubbled up part. Some parts of which are always existing in the center because they are made of bubble power because they are relevant informationally.

They were part of the outskirts that are bubbled up into activity as it is needed, as the information they contain becomes relevant and the stuff that is not bubbled up exists in a space and time that we call near T=0, where it looks like the conditions are time is slow, space is more collapsed, and it looks more like the beginning of the Big Bang around a time 13.8 billion years after the Big Bang.

We talk about T=0 as an entity that exists more or less simultaneously with us. By the time you would get back to T=0, it wouldn’t work because it would take you 28 billion years even travelling at the speed of light before you got anywhere near T=0.

I started thinking about this stuff in 1981. I saw that there should be at least a metaphorical relationship between the structure of the universe we live in and the structure of the information in human consciousness or any consciousness. Ideally, there would be more than a metaphorical relationship.

There would be an exact mathematical tool set to translate from physical space and time and its rules (the rules of universe) to the rules of information within a conscious entity, or within a self-consistent information processing entity.

One promising metaphorical aspect is that the neighbourhood around T=0 – the apparently young part of the universe – looks like it would be a good place to store information, which is contained in a system of information – but that isn’t relevant and active given the current set of information being processed in the active center of the universe.

Like your brain, you have a bunch of apps in your brain that are running and relevant to what you’re doing or experiencing, and then you have a bunch of other apps that don’t apply to your current situation or current needs. The information contained in the dormant apps may not even be consistent with the information contained in what you’re currently processing.

Inconsistent information systems can become consistent if you bubble them up and crash them into each other. F. Scott Fitzgerald said the mark or the sign of an intelligent mind is being able to keep simultaneously contradictory ideas in mind. You can entertain contradictions.



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Rick Rosner

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