Ask A Genius 45 – Informational Cosmology 21

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Ask A Genius 45 – Informational Cosmology 21

Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

December 30, 2016

Scott: With this ‘app’, with this set of persistent information processing ongoing in the structure or the material framework, how does this tie back into blackish holes and the principles of existence under informational cosmology?

Rick: Your hoping to get laid apps are probably triggered, especially if you’re a young man – but they aren’t always on. There is a zillion of them. Whenever you are awake, you are having words spontaneously form that are relevant to your moment-to-moment experience of the world.

I suspect most people have some sort of internal dialogue to help them contextualize their surroundings, things. If you’re walking down the street, you see and hear stuff. What you see and hear are a part of your consciousness, walking along, you say, “Wow, those are some ugly shoes,” or, “I hate that music blasting out of that asshole’s car.”

You don’t say those things. But there is a general word sense on. Some people have more semi-impressions of words. Your word apps are mostly on.

If you were looking at, or arguing that the, universe is a model of the information that is in an information processor with our consciousness being a model of such an information processor, you would argue, or I would argue at least that, some physical presences, which would include bunches of galaxies, are always going to be a part of the active center.

The equivalent of word apps or the moving through physical space apps. You’re always going to need those when you’re awake. Those will always be in the active center. You’ll need mechanisms. Galaxies that use up their fuel will go out of the active center.

So, you’d think central black holes in galaxies might have some role of keeping galaxies lit. In that, you’d expect that a goa that is always part of the active center would have been lit for many tens of millions of years, which would mean the central black hole in IC sees a more expansive view.

Hawking, and other people in his area, has spent much of his career trying to figure out what can or can’t happens to information around and inside of a black hole because there are principles of conservation of stuff. You shouldn’t be able to get rid of all of your shit by dumping it down a black hole, or maybe you can.

No where in the universe can you erase information that you can by dumping it down a black hole, which seems to scramble it. But there are new theories that information is frozen as holograms in the event horizon. Hawking has spent decades trying to figure out and arguing with people about what happens to information going in and out of a black hole.

Under IC, with its looser rules, it is easier than standard physics to get in and out of a blackish hole. You’d expect black holes to have more flexibility in terms of what is going on in them with regards to information, from black hole to black hole across galaxies.



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Rick Rosner

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