Cognitive Thrift 6 – Proto-Science

In-Sight Publishing

Cognitive Thrift 6 – Proto-Science

Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner

May 11, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Some subtleties can be added to this. For instance, a generalized spirit world or any manner of afterlife seem different than any of ghosts, devil or Satan, spirits inhabiting animals, and so on.

Rick Rosner: If you go all the way back to the beginning of religious beliefs, they are in a way scientific. By coming up with several gods that are responsible for aspects of the world, you are dividing it into a variety of phenomena or characteristics and assigning causes to it. Even though you are doing it religiously, you are taking a stab at establishing a system of the world.

Jacobsen: That sounds different than system as a process and more akin to science as a taxonomy.

Rosner: Yea – but taxonomy is one of the first steps of science. You can’t do science without taxonomy.

Jacobsen: Yes.

Rosner: And back when people 3, 4, 5 thousand years ago were coming with up a zillion god. There wasn’t much in the way of science and you could probably argue that the coming up with gods and investigating the world in a proto-scientific way were not too different things.

[End of recorded material]



Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner


Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


In-Sight Publishing


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