Ask A Genius 177 – Political Movements (Part 3)

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Ask A Genius 177 – Political Movements (Part 3)

Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner

May 24, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: I don’t agree with that at all. I think they’re real problems, but I do think they’re in proportion to other real problems people are facing. I think they are problems, but ones that need to faced in proportion to their hardness.

Rick Rosner: Twitter was designed to tell people what they’re up to. I could put this on Twitter, but I haven’t, “Last night, I sharted my pants at the gym.”

Jacobsen: [Laughing].

Rosner: I thought it was a fart, and it wasn’t.

Jacobsen: [Laughing].

Rosner: Twitter is the ideal place to disclose something like that. Or if you don’t want to be that intimate with people, say what you had for lunch, or that you’d like some particular movie; so, most people or nobody on the Twitter I follow has not experienced genital mutilation, but a lot of the people I follow have experienced guys being dickheads to them.

I think it is fine to point out incidents of dickishness and to share that with people and to make people aware of it. Now, I suspect—I have something going on with my bowels. I have too much of a bad kind of bacteria. So there could be some social value in sharing my—I think there’s an epidemic of people have bowel problems that is just below the surface.

That within the next year or so. What is going to become a major thing that people are aware of, people are aware of certain aspects of it, like people like to make fun of people who happen to be gluten free, or who are lactose intolerant.

But I suspect there’s a huge segment of the population, probably over 5%. Maybe over 10% of people, there’s this kind of—people’s digestive systems are fucked up, I suspect. If I went on Twitter and shared my ‘I sharted myself story” to help people become aware that this is a thing, and that this is something that might need to be addressed; on the other hand, I pooped myself [Laughing].

Jacobsen: [Laughing].

[End of recorded material]




Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner


Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


In-Sight Publishing


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