Dear Rick 15 – The Next 4 Years, Conservatives and Bernie Bros

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Dear Rick 15 – The Next 4 Years, Conservatives and Bernie Bros

Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

December 22, 2016

Scott: What else?

Rick: Be prepared to be mobilized, at first in wimpy ways, such as social media, signing surveys, writing your congressperson or senator, and if things become direr then in less wimpy ways such as going on marches – eventually boycotts.

Scott: How effective would these minor acts of citizen revolt be, necessarily? (Laugh)

Rick: You aren’t going to change many minds with the country as polarized as it is now. There has been some progression with the election being so garbagy, except the biggest assholes on the conservative side.

Maybe, I don’t know if they empathize. Maybe, people can understand. Most conservatives can understand liberals being pissed off even if they make fun of liberals being pissed off and not liking the results of the election.

Respect for Russia and Putin has gone way up among conservatives since he’s a friend of Trump and so America, which is crazy but survey results bear that out. The proportions of people who are deplorable level conservative a-holes, and those who are Bernie Bros. You have about 250 million voting age people in America.

You’ve got 136 million that voted. That’s pretty decent turnout. It’s in the mid-50s. 250 million American adults: figure 80 million stay apathetic and uninformed and may be too old or too dumb (or too whatever), 63 million who voted for Trump. Of those that voted Trump, 20% voted reluctantly for Trump.

So, out of 63 million, it is reasonable to think 20-30 million are pretty happy that he’s president. Optimistic and loving that people who don’t like him feel bad. 20-30 million Americans with a fairly extreme conservative agenda.

Another 20-30 million Americans are leaning conservatively, not including those who don’t give a crap. 66 million voted for Clinton. Clinton’s agenda is less extreme. It is reasonable to think a higher proportion of Clinton voters actually support the standard middle-to-liberal agenda, which could be 40 million people.

Another 30-40 million weakly support him. Then you’ve got another 8 million who voted for the flaky, fringe candidates. Out of all that, you’ve got decent plurality of people who don’t support the current political leadership.

Say 80 million to 90 million people are sad with the results of the election, 70 million people who are pretty happy about the results of the election and 80 to 90 million people who don’t care sufficiently. The last time we had this wide of a landscape was during the Vietnam war – a divided landscape.

It is hard to draw analogies between the people who weren’t so connected. You couldn’t as easily find connections among millions of like-minded people. Also, people had a more personal stake in the outcome because the US had a draft. People’s friends and relatives were fighting and dying and at risk of going to Vietnam.

Risk of military casualties was higher because of the draft and it was a bigger war. We still have people in the Mid-East because the Afghan War is ongoing. Those people are more people who chose to become a part of this.

They volunteered for the national guard. They volunteered for the military. In the 60s and the early 70s, protests over the Vietnam War did effect some political change. LBJ decided not to run for president in ’68 mostly because he was miserable about the Vietnam thing. Nixon ran on having a secret plan to end the Vietnam War.

Liberals and hippies and largescale protests, even though they weirded out the silent majority of conservative American, did effect some change. Even though, and probably were the minority, now we have, just considering the people interested in what’s going on, a not too small majority of people who don’t agree with current political leadership, but current leadership has shown themselves to not care so much about public opinion as long as manipulate stuff in their favor.

You’ve got this thing in North Carolina, where the Republican governor narrowly loses his reelection race and screws over the Democratic governor by passing a bunch of legislation in the waning weeks of his administration limiting the power of the governor.

Even though, this is wildly unpopular with most of the people in North Carolina, and just think he’s an asshole. The Republican legislators who are pulling this crap think the same, but don’t give a crap as long as they have the majority in their state house and senate.

It remains to be seen whether whatever political action and agitation the disgruntled majority take against the minority government because minority government has been taught that it can get away with a bunch of crap.

I’m sure there’s still plenty of good Republican politicians, but there’s a higher proportion of craven assholes in the Republican party than, during our lifetimes, probably a long time before that.



Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


In-Sight Publishing


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

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