Ask A Genius 39 – Informational Cosmology 15

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Ask A Genius 39 – Informational Cosmology 15

Scott Douglas Jacobsen and Rick Rosner

December 23, 2016

Scott: Why isn’t arbitrarily large prohibited?

Rick: Multiple Worlds Theory is annoying because it implies all of these worlds have to exist, but IC is similarly annoying in that it has a large set of permitted worlds.

We don’t have to deal with them because we live in a definite world that we know to exist and we don’t have to give every possible world in the set that same consideration of the world we live in ourselves, but you have to give it a mathematical existence. I

f it is not prohibited, it has to exist. That is an annoying part of multiplicity. Also, the Ladder of Minds if all universes need a containing armature, then they need a ladder all the way up.

You can say that parsimony is only applicable in certain contexts in the way entropy is only applicable in certain contexts and you get trouble if you overextend it.

Scott: Because it is a principle not a law, and Ockham came up with it in the 14th century. He came up with it in a conceptually simpler universe.

Rick: But it is a good law because it works all of the time. In most cases, it works. Entropy is similarly a powerful concept. It allowed human thought to move forward, but it doesn’t mean that those principles apply in every single context.



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Rick Rosner

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