Ask A Genius 190 – United States, Current (Part 1)

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Ask A Genius 190 – United States, Current (Part 1)

Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner

June 6, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rick Rosner: Under the current political conditions of the United States, Liberalism is majoritarianism, having attitudes more Liberal than the government, people who are running the government right now, is a majority attitude.

The people who run the government would call people who disagree with them liberals, but no we’re the majority.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: I have heard Noam Chomsky say that based on studies about – repeatedly I’ve heard him say this, which seems true to me – 70% of the American population are disenfranchised from the political process.

Where any choice or decision they make has no impact on the way the policy is set for the country, I think a good metric could be considered between the average data points you have about American society, from Pew, from Gallup, etc., and then contrasting that with the way policy is set, and then you could see how democratic the society is.

Because if you look at surveys with big samples and good questions, reliable and valid data sets, and if you state x, y, and z in surveys as a citizen, but the policy is against those to a reasonable significant degree, then you could go per topic how non-democratic the state is in some ways.

[End of recorded material]



Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner


Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


In-Sight Publishing


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