Ask A Genius 202 – Legitimacy to Minorities

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Ask A Genius 202 – Legitimacy to Minorities

Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner

June 18, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rick Rosner: People who don’t want to grant legitimacy to minority movements try to represent those movements extreme versions of those movements, as unpleasant and unfair – more than citizens deserve. People are making trouble where there is no real trouble.

Like Rush Limbaugh and the Nazis, they describe feminism in this way. Feminism has been overtly fucked over, over the decades, with the waves of feminism. I don’t know what this wave is called now. This current wave started as an outgrowth of the discontent of the sexism and chauvinism of the Hippy movements in the 60s.

But a lot of the socially progressive and anti-war movements of the 60s, which were male dominated, treated women just as shittily as the rest of society did. The women who supported these social progress movements and these anti-war movements.

They got into the movements because they felt strongly against the war and some other stuff that was gong on, but noticed that they were being treated as shittily in the wider outside world and began taking up the reins of protest themselves regarding issues of sexism.

There were stereotypic anti-feminist reactions to this in the 70s. People were called “bra-burners.” People didn’t burn their bras, really. It was a symbol of cultural oppressions. Studies pointed out that women’s attire, more than men’s, hobbled women and constrained women more than men’s attire constrains men.

It is present as making it harder for women to run away as being chased by a guy, which was semi-facetious but not entirely facetious. There was the kneejerk reaction to feminism in the 70s, but reactions against Liberals have gotten more sophisticated beginning with Reagan.

Where how to take down Liberals has been focused on by conservatives, Fox News is a daily workshop in dissing Liberal causes. So, if you kind of look at what has happened to feminism, they have been persuaded that it is not for them, where it is like what has happened with Hillary Clinton.

Which is hanging a lot of lying bullshit on women, but it is a steady mischaracterization, the basic idea of feminism is that women should be treated equally to men; whether you believe women are equal to men in every single aspect, it doesn’t effect that idea that people should be treated equally.

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Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner


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