Ask A Genius 210 – Time Perspective

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Ask A Genius 210 – Time Perspective

Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner

June 26, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Do you think there is an aspect of time perspective in this culture or cultures? Where if you look at the perspective of time that someone emphasizes – past, present, and future, do you think they’re focusing on the present?

Rick Rosner: I am not understanding entirely.

Jacobsen: If you look at rave culture, these are people focusing on the present in a hedonistic frame. There is a whole psychology of time perspective. If you look at the guidos, the bros, the guys…

Rosner: …I see what you’re saying. One of things we have to burn as a successful species is time. There is an aspect of time consciousness. Like, nobody plans on being a raver or a guido forever, but, right now, it is fine.

The cost of time is fairly low. Colleges, to some extent, are folding pens of parties, depending on which college and what people’s goals are – to some extent, you can see college as a way to reduce excess productivity that doesn’t—

For hundreds of years, we have seen increasing productivity, industrialization. To the point where millions of graduating, people graduating high school, do not join the workforce, to personally survive or to help the nation survive.

Instead, they can go and spend 4 years either learning further skills or partying in college, which is a sign that we have excess productivity and that colleges can be seen in some lights as productivity sponges.

It gives people a place to waste time. There are plenty of other activities in society that are time sucks that we get to engage in because we have time to spare, so you have entire lifestyles that are kind of among the things that they hinge on as time to spare.

You can go and be a guido, and go sow wild oats. Get your shit together in your late 20s, it is the same with rave culture. Rave culture is outwardly about everybody being loose and free and not having the constraints of everyday life.

But behind that, it is still demonstration of dominance and of fitness. People try to wear not much clothes. People who are in—

Rave culture is still a competition to see Coachella, which is southern California’s rave-type event. It is hot. It is in the desert. People put on outfits that are super skimpy. It is still a demonstration of sexual fitness and sexual availability.

Although, if you probably ask most people attending a rave, there number one objective of going to Coachella. It is not to hook up, but hooking up is a huge underlying theme of that whole deal.

[End of recorded material]



Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner


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Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


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