Ask A Genius 222 – Underclasses and Socialism

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Ask A Genius 222 – Underclasses and Socialism

Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner

July 8, 2017

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Rick Rosner: And so you get all sorts of stupid arguments from Republicans including arguments on even things such as highways and other forms of infrastructure that they may need to be privatized and lately bringing up to the government that advocating for these things is socialistic: garbage arguments.

And the deal is when you look at 100 years from now where human structures are still largely in place but things are rapidly changing, you’re going to see a small group of economic leads competing for and owning most of the planet’s economic resources unless something radical happens.

I doubt it will and then you’ll have a vast underclass who exist who live lives that would be considered by contemporary Republicans somewhat socialist.

The elites will control all the resources and the underclass will be short of work, perhaps short of skills and maybe not. There may be the democratization of skills but even with skills, you may not be able to find adequate work.

The underclass won’t be able to find enough work to pay their ways, so there’s going to be some kind of guaranteed minimum something to allow the underclass to live; food, shelter, clothing, all of which will continue to grow cheaper over the next 100 years to the point where it won’t seem as socialistic.

It won’t be that socialistic because giving the underclass what they need to live won’t cost that much and plus the economic elites will be supplying this stuff and sucking lots of profits out of it anyhow.

So it will be a weird exploitative capitalistic socialism with lucky rich people still competing to maintain the upper hand and a large underclass; some content, some trying to struggle out of the underclass having the resources to live because the cost is negligible.

I mean 100 years from now the population may be stabilizing because there will be so many technologies coming into play, they will distract or dissuade people from spitting out kids; people who have kids later if at all because of lifespans for most people will be increasing vastly.

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Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner


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