Ask A Genius 306 – Los Angeles Collapse

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Ask A Genius 306 – Los Angeles Collapse

September 30, 2017

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Scott Douglas Jacobsen: I wanted to talk about the collapse of Los Angeles. What’s going on?

Rick Rosner: Well, I know all the stupid climate change deniers can say you know and talk about there is a difference between weather and climate which means there’s a difference between. Specific random weather events and the overall climate but they usually make that argument like, like about Harvey, you know Harvey could have happened any time but Harvey really couldn’t have happened at any time because Harvey is a product of well random chance plus the Gulf of Mexico being the temperature of a frickin bathtub and the hotter the water the more the water can be sucked up into the atmosphere to be dumped on land by a hurricane or other storm so the specific storm Harvey is a random occurrence that could have happened in any year but the amount of water dumped on Texas, some number of trillions of gallons of water is in part due to actual written global warming undeniably so unless you’re an idiot for.

In L.A. this week in the valleys it’s been like one hundred and ten every day. When I go out I, being unemployed I usually tweet all day and then I go to the gym at night and when I go to the gym it’s been between ninety-five and ninety-nine degrees at eight to ten o’clock at night which is just brutal and yeah you could argue well that’s just the heat wave and it could have happened any year but it’s going to happen more often under the climate change regime. I found an app a few years ago where you can click on all the cities or many of the cities in the world to see how much the average temperature is already gone up over historical averages in the modern era and for most cities it’s like four degrees and that’s not all climate change just some of it is you know there’s a lot of concrete that creates, that traps more heat, asphalt you know but it’s an undeniable increase which leads me to the conclusion that Los Angeles will sometime in the next fifty years collapse.

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Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


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