Ask A Genius 317 – Markets, Mothers, and Climate Change (3)

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Ask A Genius 317 – Markets, Mothers, and Climate Change (3)

October 11, 2017

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Rick Rosner: Same yesterday. A couple of weeks ago it was up over 110 for a few days. Yeah statistically you might expect to get days like that every few years, but… if it is an every few year thing. The most famous freeway in L.A is probably the 405. I believe it is six lanes in each direction now.

You just… you can’t add any more lanes. Adding more lanes, by the time you add the lane; because it takes a year… traffic has to expand to fill the lane so it is as miserable as it was before. I try not to drive the 405 at all, but I was in a traffic jam; I have been consistently in traffic jams on a 9pm on a Sunday evening.

The best place to live, the most desirable place to live is the west side; Santa Monica, Venice… but if you have to get from the west side to… places where production goes on if you are in the entertainment industry, like Sony… I don’t know, Warner Brothers… your commute… well my wife gets up at 4.45am to be on the road by 6.30am… because then she will have a chance of the stretch of the 405 being okay. But if the temperature keeps being nasty… if there are water wars, because there is a limited supply of water and it is going to get worse and worse across the southwestern states.

Everybody feeds off the Colorado River, which is insufficient. If commutes keep getting worse and worse… I don’t think the entertainment industry people are going to want to make L.A their headquarters indefinitely. I was thinking 50 years from now; L.A will not be the entertainment capital. It will move north to maybe Silicone valley… maybe Seattle, maybe Vancouver. A lot of productions are up in Vancouver now but that’s an economic thing as much as anything else. It is not because the temperatures are cooler but… 50 years might be optimistic. L.A might start turning more and more to shit… within 20 years.

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Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

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