Ask A Genius 329 – The Worst President

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Ask A Genius 329 – The Worst President

October 23, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: At the moment, we are talking while not recording about Trump and his skills. What is Trump good at?

Rick Rosner: The major thing that he is best at, is being bad at doing what he does. He is good at showing the people that it was not what America actually needed. A modest person with solid knowledge of history, empathy for the people and lacking self-control won’t do it.

If you have any doubts, take some great president, or even take a good one, and compare the results. Let’s take Lincoln, as he is considered a great president. In a war where over 60,000 Americans lost their lives, he was the leader of the country.

And despite this, he is known for his deep feelings and humanity, he always tried to hold the American Union together even when it was crumbling after the war, and his humor after all. When you take a glance at FDR who managed to successfully take America out of depression, which was one of the most miserable times for the States, fast forward from the World War II, and all while his legs were mechanical with braces – he could make the change!

Take Teddy Roosevelt who has a great intellectual curiosity, red a vast number of books, and wrote fifty books all in the name of the natural world. Trump slowly fades from every great, or even good president, and the image of him feels low after reading this. He does not have any skill, and he is a pure experiment on the chair.

It is positive to see that Trump is always doing something without even possessing some of the skills that the other presidents had, and it’s good to see that he can function like that. But it seems like everything that Trump does is doing destructive things to the country.

He is the best gest case that the country could have as the people can see how he does and can get rid of him even before the four years are completed.

This may end up with a more dangerous scenario because if Trump finishes the mandate before the four years are passed, it will come down to putting Pence, an even more risky potential candidate for the role which has some crazy ideas in the Oval Office.

A better place to put Trump while still having him do something high in the country should be somewhere where balance is not the strong side, and that can be used in his advantage.

Even this place isn’t one hundred percent certain that it will be a good fit, but it isn’t certain that it isn’t, which means that maybe there is a chance for Trump to prosper with his skills after all.

This was all accomplished via the same and similar behavior that has been going on with our country for a long time now, slowing down their interests, keeping them under control and bad acting over the countries.

The same happened with the Second World War where we backed down from the conflicts that were happening in the world, especially Europe; we backed down from the field and decided to enter it after the war had already started.

Two and a half years after the war had begun, we got in to negotiate after Hitler already had taken a big part of Europe and had made his decisions on what he wants to do with it. After entering and negotiating on the Europe field, we were more than effective, and we proved that we are the world’s most powerful nation.

Another thing that is worth mentioning at this time is the shutting down of the North Korean nuclear program after they kept itching and bragging that their nuclear power was outstanding and their nuclear weapons are extraordinary and powerful.

The interesting thing here is that there are two crazy people on top of the top 3 nations in the world. One has the most powerful army while the other one has nuclear weapons which we might believe are shut down, but are they really?

I’d prefer Obama, Hilary or even George W. Bush to use their diplomatic skills against Kim Jong Hong and calm this tension a little bit down.  But Donald Trump, as crazy as he could be, has been trying something else, and has an Ace up his sleeve.

He has been flattering the China leader for some time now, and his plan is obvious – to have two helping hands against the North Korea that will strike from a different side.  This is rather funny as having the best army in the world you shouldn’t be acting as a baby requesting for a babysitter, but there are some hidden intentions behind this I reckon.

This thing is good as the main quest is to scare the bad courtiers and to let them know that they should back off, but it is not a 100% completed quest.  I should mention another good thing about Trump and what he does as a president, and I already touched this theme earlier; he makes the Republicans less efficient in their intentions, and their harmful ideas against the country are no longer as effective as they were in the past.

On the other hand, this, and even more, should be done by someone more organized and better in the cerebral thinking, but let’s put half a point on Trump’s expense and as I mentioned before, it is the test case of what we really need sitting in the president’s seat, which will form a clear picture with the help of Trump doing all what he does.

And several small mistakes have been made in terms of his ego rising and him abandoning the golf club, thinking he should rage as much as he want and double his dos, all because he is a president of America. And on top of that add promotion of the books that his daughters wrote and promoting Arolago while using the government’s resources speaks for itself.

This is the whole picture, but there is another think that will make Trump good that just came to my mind. When compared to the other competitor for the worst president in the United States of America, Warren Harding, was listening to what the people had to say, while on the other hand, the current president Trump.

On seventy years and with extra weight, having obesity or whatever you want to call it, is always being the target of angry critiques, that he is losing weight by giving speeches only, and he encourages on pursuing the perfect song to implement in his speeches, and when you combine all of this and the negative talks on him together with the weight problem, there is a possibility that he will get light-hit in his head and leave chair without finishing to serve his term as he will be unhealthy from physical and mental point of view. This is one of the things Trump is good at, and hopefully he will get discouraged because he is acting like a baby, which will lead to leaving the Oval room.

This is basically everything I have, and I hope I have it all on a list as it will be a useful list. Well one more thing is that the Democrats are as disorganized as they could ever be, and with this opportunity to rise, Trump may be the one to enlighten them and give them a paved way of where they should walk in order to come up with the good inaudible news that America is waiting on.

The mid-terms that they did in 2010 or 2014 should be used as an example so Trump may have the opportunity to walk away as a winner in some field after all, and it is to stimulate the efficiency of the Republicans part after all.

And when you think through it, it’s not easy at all to give a positive thinking when all of this is under the command of the government and it is a task that should be handled by the president, so we are giving Trump a credit for what he is supposed to do. Here are the several reasons why Trump is good at what he is doing, and why he should stick around.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


In-Sight Publishing


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