Ask A Genius 369 – Nude Art Modelling and Innovation’s Futurescape

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Ask A Genius 369 – Nude Art Modelling and Innovation’s Futurescape

July 8, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What is the future of innovations? Robots are taking over automation.

Rick Rosner: I have not been doing a lot of thinking about this. I have blindly accepted that future innovation will be done by the automated people are working in combination with AI or by AI itself. The most obvious steps forward, beginning ten, twenty, thirty years from now, are going to be in serious combination with AI or by AI on its own.

But thinking further about it, having been in the art model off and on, since I was twenty-four so more than thirty years, I have been working a bunch of places including the art places where you get good art.

Places like Art Centre Paladino or Cal Art or SVA New York. If the art is done by art students at art colleges like the University of Colorado, schools that don’t specialize in art. That’s a much lower level of skill and artistic insight.

So, I can imagine that what innovation isn’t done by AI for humans, then the concerns with AI’s will be that level of innovation and artistic creation that will make human innovation look crappier relative to it.

They will have such powerful technology that though human art will be crappier it can still be fun. So, you’ve got innovation with several flavors, probably many more flavors than that, but off the top of my head there will be pure AI innovations which takes a while to come.

Because AI is helpless at this point without being human directed. You will have AI that really innovates and other innovations being done by augmented humans. You will have innovations by defiant human people.

People who don’t like the coming status quo of everything being mediated through AI and who have diligently determined or developed the practice or their craft to be able to continue with the human arts of creation without resorting to AI.

This is a what my buddy Lance Richlin, a sculptor and painter does; he sticks to old forms, the ancient Greek sculptural methods, Renaissance painting methods. I tell Lance, at least he paints deep metaphysical themes, pains like modern people.

People talking on their cell phones in cars or they are texting while driving. He refuses to give in to modernity. So, you will have some innovation, some creativity coming from defiant defenders of human craft and art, and then you will have the casual creators of ridiculousness with t-shirt themes and memes done by regular people joking around.

So, that’s it.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


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