The Middle-Aged Genius’s Guide to Almost Everything 15 – How Not To Die, At Least Not Early

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The Middle-Aged Genius’s Guide to Almost Everything 15 – How Not To Die, At Least Not Early

September 1, 2018

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Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What are some easy ways not to die – to get more use out of life?

Rick Rosner: Floss your teeth. If you have really bacteria-ridden inflamed gums, your saliva is always trickling down your throat full of the bacteria, where it gets close to your heart and adds inflammation to the whole mess.

Inflammation makes your heart pack on arterial plaque. That is why they ask if you are having dental work done before working on your heart because they do not want free-floating bacteria. Another thing, cost-less or a penny, take a baby aspirin or a quarter of a regular aspirin to keep blood thin and knock down inflammation.

However, there are contradictory studies about who should be taking aspirin every day. If you fall into one of those groups, it is possible to reduce the probability. Take Metformin, which is one of the top three most prescribed drugs in America.

It makes your body use insulin more efficiently. It also helps to knock down inflammation and slows down the body clock by reducing sugar spikes. You can get your doctor to prescribe it if he or she is willing – or you can get it on the gray market from overseas.

One of the few nutritional supplements that have studies backing it up, as an anti-inflammatory, is turmeric, also called curcumin. It is the orange stuff. You can get supercharged. It is associated with some reduced rates of cancers.

Those are lazy ways. If you did all those things semi-diligently, you may 3 or 5 years to your life – also sleep with your legs elevated. All you have to do if you have a mattress plus box springs is take a few magazines and stuff them at the end of the bed – foot end – between mattress and box spring and raise the foot end of the mattress by an inch or half-inch. You will not notice it since it is an inch, but it will help your legs drain of blood while you sleep.

You will be less cankly and less likely to get varicose veins, and your heart does not have to work as hard.

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Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


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