Ask A Genius 377 – Ground Control to Quora Tom

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Ask A Genius 377 – Ground Control to Quora Tom

September 9, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What are some of your comments on the Quora commentary on IC? We just saw it.

Rick Rosner: It is June 11, 2018 today. And you just pointed out to me this Quora thing. Question: “Why do you think Rick Rosner’s theory of the universe is valid or not valid?” It went up in April, 2017 – 14 months ago.

About 500 people have looked at the question, as far as I can tell, and, maybe, 5 people responded to it. The responses were pretty legit in my mind. The first response was, maybe, the most extensive. It, in a nutshell, says, ‘If this is going to be a real theory, it should be presented as a real theory. You should not have to wade through a 218-page interview to get a sense of what it is about. It should be in a legitimate forum with math and the proper framing, and all of that stuff.’

Thing one, you do not need to read 218 pages to get a sense of the theory. You and I did an extensive interview, but only 20 or 30 pages talk about the theory. Those are legitimate criticisms. If the theory, if at all possible, wants to receive the proper consideration, it should make predictions and conform to existing experimental data and observational data.

It should make predictions that can either come true or not. If they didn’t, it would tend to prove the theory false. That’s, according to a standard picture of how science works, how science works. Scientific theories make specific predictions and once those predictions are measured experimentally or evaluated experimentally then that helps determine the fate of the theory.

There are some objections. I have some quibbles. According to roughly the same theory of science, old theories putter along accumulating glitches – that is, experimental results that do not entirely conform to the experimental predictions and then being modified to see if they can fit those experimental results and, eventually, getting rickety like an old jalopy – until a better theory comes along and can fit more experimental results and offers a better point of view.

A little bit or a lot bit how Einstein’s General Relativity supplanted and expanded Newton’s Theory of Universal Gravitation.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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