The Middle-Aged Genius’s Guide to Almost Everything 23 – Modern American Men and Women (2)

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The Middle-Aged Genius’s Guide to Almost Everything 23 – Modern American Men and Women (2)

November 1, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rick Rosner: Along with the flexibility to rejigger our drives, we will have the flexibility to repackage ourselves, to be whatever gender we want, or to not have a human package at all. We could walk around in animal or robot skin in the real world or, more economically, in the cyber world.

It will be much cheaper to design your vessel, to create your vessel. All that leads to a reduction in the importance of whether somebody is male or female. The end of sex being most beings’ primary drive, and the end of one’s gender being among the top things that define an individual.

That is in the longest run or medium-longest run. In the meantime, we still have men vs. women. In the USD, that somewhat takes the form of Republicans versus Democrats, where the Democratic Party is more pro-woman than the Republican Party.

What is happening with the Supreme Court is a result of a 20-year push by the Federalist Society, which is a conservative judicial organization that is dedicated to having a permanent conservative majority on the Supreme Court, if they can get Kavanaugh confirmed, they will have a strong conservative majority for the first time in a long time.

Kavanaugh is a particularly loathsome choice. He is the least popular nominee. Once the polls come out, he will be the least popular nominee since they started doing polls. Nobody with this abysmal level of popularity or even popularity that is low and ten points better than his popularity has ever been confirmed to the Supreme Court.

But this is a different time because this is the Republicans’ chance to get – or the super-conservative Federalist Society conservatives’ chance to get – what they want; they may be willing to fuck over the Republican party as a whole, as this may lead to negative consequences in the election that is less than 40 days away.

But it will give the Federalist Society what they want, will give Trump what he wants. Because of a list of 200 judges suggested by the Federalist Society, or acceptable to them, any one of which the Federalist Society would have been okay with Trump nominating.

Kavanaugh is the only one writing that a sitting president cannot be indicted for any crime. So, Trump wants Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh will get Trump off the hook if he is on the Supreme Court on any charges that Trump is faced with while he is president – even if it is treason.

So, it is likely. The betting markets, where you can bet on the outcomes of certain events, are only giving him a 40% chance of not being confirmed even though he is under a supplementary FBI investigation for several acts of sexual assault.

Even though, he proved himself to be a terrible guy in the latest day of hearings, where he showed himself to be yelling and crying and bullying and accusing, and being blatantly partisan by blaming the rape charges on a Democratic conspiracy, not a guy with judicial temperament at all.

He is falling steadily in the polls because people see what kind of asshole that he is. Republicans have the votes in the Senate. They are pushing to get the guy through, even if it leads to individual Republican politicians not getting re-elected because this outcome is so important to them.

This is short-term in America.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


In-Sight Publishing


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