Ask A Genius 444 – Paths of Increasing Order (1)

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Ask A Genius 444 – Paths of Increasing Order (1)

November 15, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Why is information processing the path increasing order takes?

Rick Rosner: In another discussion, we talked about what life is, or at least higher animal life. It leads to the question, “Why is information processing via modeling the external world internally and react to it the path that increasing order in the universe takes? Are there other paths of increasing order that the universe can take?”

Let’s assume information processing is the preferred path, why does the universe need additional information processing when the mechanics of the entire universe encompass information processing on a universal scale?

That all the physical interactions in the universe involve sharing information or, in some cases, obliterating information. Why does the universe generate little individual information processors? There are many other associated questions.

What role do these individual information processors play in the overall business of the universe?

Jacobsen: In most cases, would the answer be “not much”?

Rosner: I am not sure, because we do not have a good model. It is reasonably safe to assume that the universe, if it is conscious, is, for the most part, not aware of the evolved structures within the information that comprises its consciousness.

Imagine the universe is conscious, it is also easy to imagine that the universe has no idea what is in the information-bearing structures that is its consciousness from moment-to-moment, including structures such as us – and others on other planets – that have evolved as information processors.

That is the answer to one questions. Evolved conscious beings or manufactured conscious beings made of the information that comprises the universe may or may not play a role in the overall business of the universe.

But it is possible for the universe to simply not be aware of us. We live on almost entirely different planes of existence.

[End of recorded material]


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Rick Rosner

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