Ask A Genius 447 – The Future of Values (2)

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Ask A Genius 447 – The Future of Values (2)

November 18, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rick Rosner: There will continue to be some form of human economy. The financial transactions at the highest level of civilization will be built around the value of all bunch of stuff that is valued now.

Human artifacts, I assume there will still be some market for human-produced items. It will be a weird ghost market. Where all the necessities of life not costing much, and the ability to produce anything, including things that are almost identical to human artifacts, it will wreck the market for human artifacts, except in the ghost economy.

The economy that remains when the more powerful and sophisticated economy has moved on. It is probably the safest bet to say that durable and powerful information processing and storage will be the most valuable thing.

The civilization of the future; the economy and the whole culture will be information processing based. You will still have consciousness, as we’ve talked about. It will turn out to be inseparable, in most instances, from powerful information processing.

It won’t be this weird, sterile robot world with sterile robots living sterile lives. It will be vibrant and full of emotion. Those things will happen among all those entities that will be super AI’d up.

Things will be super fast too. Moment to moment transactions will be super fast. But there will be longer arcs around big data phenomenon. Things will still unfold over months and years.

The civilization will put a premium on things that can process data. That means there may be some things on the Periodic Table of Elements that may still be pricey, because the automated mining and refining may make some things like gold and platinum semi-rare.

I guess real estate will still be valuable. Because you still need places to put stuff, infrastructure. Humans will still take a lot of space. Although, the structure of real estate will change too.

With automation, you will be able to make the whole planet down a couple miles down all over it into honeycombs or something. You can maximize the level of the surface area of things that can be done 30, 100, or a 1,000 fold. But you still need land to build things in and on.

That’s enough of that.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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