Ask A Genius 451 – The Future of Cultures (4)

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Ask A Genius 451 – The Future of Cultures (4)

November 22, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rick Rosner: My wife and I, before we were married; we are broke. Once we got married, it turned us into a powerful income generating and savings team.

It made me straighten up and get employed. We played by the rules. We didn’t think of this in terms of a strategy to accumulate assets. But married people tend to get assets. I was friends with lesbians back in the 80s.

There was the whole deal. Lesbians tended to be broke, at least young lesbians. They were kind of at odds with the culture. It meant to some extent taking shitty jobs and not have easy lives.

That would apply to anybody at odds with the culture. You can make the argument that the very best people in the culture; those who are opposite of Asperger’s people. The super glib and social people can schmooze themselves into leadership positions, higher paying jobs, higher quality spouses.

If you’re good at riding society, whether intentional or not, it is the way society is set up. You are going to thrive. It is almost tautological.

Jacobsen: Those people dominated the culture as per the rules set out before It is a simple recipe of three things: have strong family and communities ties with bonds across generations, have shorter generations between generations, and also have an affirmation of large families where kids are seen as “gifts from God” rather than financial burdens within a certain range of finances.

Rosner: Lance likes to argue the immigrants and Muslim, mostly worried about Muslims, will out-reproduce non-Muslims in America until they become a significant part of the society.

He likes to talk about European countries where Muslims are more than 10% of the population and disruptive cultural forces. He likes to bring up Sharia Law and so on. He thinks this will happen in America. Right now, Muslims are 1% of the population.

Yes, they tend to have larger families. But it will take a long time for the demographics to play out.

Jacobsen: 1/3rd of those born into a religion leave while 2/3rds stay.

Rosner: Just because you are out-reproducing other religions, it doesn’t mean that you win, especially with losing so many followers.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

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Rick Rosner

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