The Middle-Aged Genius’s Guide to Almost Everything 27 – Oldie Goodies

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The Middle-Aged Genius’s Guide to Almost Everything 27 – Oldie Goodies

December 1, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What’s your advice for taking advantage of the new early getting old?

Rick Rosner: In general, just get current. If you’re under 70 or if you’re 60-70, you should be able to average another 30-plus years of life with most of that being with you in a pretty good condition if you get current on your medicine, get checked out, get healthy if you’re not and just medicate yourself properly and eat properly.

Metformin whether or not you’re diabetic, maybe aspirin and just read up on everything, floss like crazy because you don’t want to floss because your teeth are bacteria factory and the dirtier they are the more of the bacteria flows into your chest cavity and irritates your heart so you accumulate plaque; so floss and take the right stuff and get current with regard to culture and technology.

Otherwise, you will be taken advantage of by the parts of the media that take advantage of dumb old people. Also get current so you’re not afraid of everything which again pushes you towards the media that take advantage of dumb afraid old people.

If you’re under 60, you’re looking at 50 plus years of more life. So, same as for somebody who’s 70; just embrace what’s going on, don’t stick to your information bubble. Get checked out if your doctor himself seems checked out not paying attention or not current on stuff.

Look at doctor shopping to see if you can get a doctor who is more interventionist on the side of living longer. Don’t go to an old doctor who thinks that being old means gradually falling apart because given current and near future medical technology, if you’re 60 now you can keep your shit together until at least 85 and probably longer than that because 25 years from now it takes us into 2043… well, 2044 by the time this thing is published; there’s already great stuff to keep you in good shape in your late 70s.

In nearly twenty years it will take you to get into your late seventies, there’s going to be a bunch newer stuff. I guess you should get your relationship in order; like my wife and I go to couples’ counseling once a month just as a prophylactic, it is as a maintenance, not because we’re always fighting but because if you’re going to be with somebody for twenty or thirty or forty more years or if you’re going to decide not to be with them, you got to get shit checked out there too.

And vote for politicians who aren’t going to fuck over your grandkids and grandkids with bad policies because if you’re going to be living for 50 more years and if you’re 50, you’re going to be living for 70 more years or more. You are your own kids and grandkids. Don’t be footing for policies that are going to make life shitty for you that’s 40 years from now.

Invest in the future; now, this is tricky because the stock market’s investment horizon is generally less than five years. So, we know there are going to be water shortages in the future but when you invest in the water you’re investing in water utilities largely.

If you buy a mutual fund that invests in water that mutual fund has bought stock in a lot of public utilities that provide water for communities here and possibly abroad. So, it is not that forward-looking. You’re buying companies that get water out of your tap right now and for into the next two, three, or ten years. But still, look for opportunities to invest in future technology.

Right now, there’s been a little mini crash correction in the stock market and tech is relatively cheap. NVidia, which was this sexy chip maker or something has dropped by 50% and I don’t know whether that’s the right company to buy but get educated about what might be the right future companies to invest in. Also, maybe invest in land if you can afford it; in places that aren’t going to get hammered by the climate change. We’re already in the middle of early climate change; wildfires in California and across the West, so that if you live in a forest community, maybe look at moving or look at building a fireproof house.

There are all sorts of fireproof construction technology now. Basically, you’re building your house out of shit that doesn’t burn instead of out of wood. Look at Canada, which is less politically retarded than the US right now and also is going to get nicer climate wise in the next 50 years as the temperature warms few degrees and ecosystems move north and as people who are fed up with America moves North. That’s about it.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


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