Ask A Genius 481 – Consciousness at the Crossroad of Eternity and Immortality

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Ask A Genius 481 – Consciousness at the Crossroad of Eternity and Immortality

December 22, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: What about our own minds? What other about other possible futures?

Rick Rosner: The problem of consciousness is still not entirely acknowledged as a problem, as a technical or a technological problem. It will be solved too. It will be figured out. We will know how consciousness works mathematically, physically.

That’ll make it possible for everyone – eventually, for people who want to relieve their poverty of mind – to augment their consciousness. So, everything we want as humans will become a possibility, including immortality and various forms of worldly power through understanding.

Then the long ones that are following shortly thereafter are all the things that make it a less than a happy ending, which is that humanity becomes extremely devalued in terms of its consciousness becoming extremely devalued.

New structures, new conscious information processing entities and collaborations of merged beings and all that come along and transform the world into something that most people.

Most human throughout history would find this disquieting. So, the beings of the future will thrive and we’ll face new non-humans. But as far as humanity gets it; there will be humans who continue to live as humans but like super-powered humans, immortal humans with happy satisfied lives.

They will live in a possibly abridged post-singularity environment where they can do whatever they want. But perhaps somewhat shielded from the more intrusive disquieting aspects of the super big data, super high tech future.

So, one hundred years from now, you can live a life is a superhuman as a transhumanist who’s living in an abridged world. A world where you can do all the fun human stuff without necessarily facing the ugly parts of transhumanism. The humans do not count for shit anymore. All right. That is it.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

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Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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