Ask A Genius 489 – An Apple is Not an Orange or a Puppy, From This Angle

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Ask A Genius 489 – An Apple is Not an Orange or a Puppy, From This Angle

December 30, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: You gave an example several weeks ago about an apple. If Newton had the apple hit his head, if it is not apocryphal and, in fact, true, then he saw an apple and not something else. If he saw it from space, it would not even be an apple, be seen.

Rick Rosner: A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about the consistency of the universe. The apple doesn’t disappear based on what angle you’re viewing it from, if you’re in the apple’s world.

But if you go far, far away from the apple, you can’t tell what the situation for the specific apples is on Earth from direct observation. You’re too far away. If you’re an astronaut on Mars, you can assume a bunch of stuff happening on Earth with apples because it is a common fruit. It is being grown, transported, and eaten.

But you cannot tell anything directly about specific apples. Unless, you have a specific feed on an apple being eaten back on Earth.

Jacobsen: Two assumptions floating there: one is the prior knowledge of appleness and another is a conscious entity to know of something.

Rosner: Yes, within the sphere of everything within the universe, it is all consistent. You may not know the specific apple from a million miles away. But if you’re within the visual contact of an apple on Earth, the status of that apple will not depend on where you’re viewing it from. Unless, you’re directly viewing it.

The status of the apple does not change as long as you’re within the world of that apple. It doesn’t become an orange or a puppy if you’re standing one foot to the left of that apple. There is a consistency up to the limit of where you can track stuff.

The universe is set up to keep track of itself. It is overall consistent within its macro and micro places.

[End of recorded material]


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Rick Rosner

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