Ask A Genius 493 – Anything Goes Sports

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Ask A Genius 493 – Anything Goes Sports

January 3, 2019

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Currently, we may want to invert the system in place. Biological male identifying as trans-women and biological female identifying as trans-men. 

Where, males as men and trans-women and females as women and trans-men compete with one another, it is biologically fair, even though it may seem sociologically unfair on the surface.

Rick Rosner: There’s no fair place anymore, at least in the future. Things will be getting weirder. Sports will begin to get weird. You already have – it’s not talked about and rare – parents who are buying blackmarket growth hormones for kids.

There are steroids for kids. They mostly don’t test for it. Some chess player got dinged for steroids.

Jacobsen: Why use steroids for chess?

Rosner: I don’t know. It helps. I might be wrong. I might be misremembering the article. Steroids don’t just make you muscle-y. There are many drugs out there that are used and abused. A bunch of steroids are illegal.

But if you pick up aa bodybuilding magazine, the whole back of the magazine is for bio-similar steroids. Steroids that aren’t illegal because they change one molecule but have the same effects.

In the coming years, we will see rich parents or psycho parents, or both, this will become an issue. It’s like a couple of years ago. It was when a bunch of families were caught bribing admissions.

You will see this in sports. Parents with the resource will genetically tweak their kids to make them more competitive. Stuff will get weird. My brother and I were pitching this science fiction show set 15 years from now.

There will be natural sports leagues and anything goes sports leagues. It is already the case in bodybuilding. You are tested thoroughly and swear to have never used steroids in the last couple of years.

Then there is anything goes competitions. There may be a little bit of testing. People are freakishly large. They have been doing all sorts of chemicals. We have trans issues entering into it.

There is a documentary on Netflix. You can see the pictures of the woman who used to be a guy and used to be a huge competitive bodybuilder to promote this documentary. Now, they are a ridiculously ripped woman who can probably bench press on the basis of the pictures easily bench press 300 lbs.

That woman will compete in some sports and will dominate, having previously been a man. You probably lose more than you gain by making trans people compete as representatives of their former gender, because they’re going to win if they are allowed to compete in their new gender.

If they compete as their former gender, it will work against the acceptance of transgender people; it is my personal opinion.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


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