Ask A Genius 532 – State of the World: Husband of Sexy Borg Lady

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Ask A Genius 532 – State of the World: Husband of Sexy Borg Lady

January 31, 2020

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Why do we get to live in such a good time? Ironically, there’s climate change, nuclear catastrophe, etc. Non-ironically, technology, science, knowledge of the world, health, wealth, and happiness at good rates.

Rick Rosner: There’s a form of demographic inference. It’s a very weak form of inference. That says, “You’re most likely living at the most populace time in human history.” That is, if you’re going to roll the dice or throw or dart, or whatever, you’re a human and up in heaven and about to be sent down into a human body.

Probabilistically, where would you end up? You’d end up, probably, at the most populace time in human history because that’s where more people are. There are more people alive today. You can infer there would be fewer people alive in the future. It is a dumb, weak ass argument.

To put it in more reasonable terms, we’re living at the end of the world. We got so lucky because humans’ dominion over technology and the planet has led to a huge population explosion. So, it’s very likely that among all the times that we can live; we are living in a time that there are 8 billion humans than 20,000 years ago when there ere 50,000 humans.

So, we’re lucky and unlucky enough to be living in a time when technological domination has made it possible for there to be so many humans. In fact, the number of humans in a century or two will decline not quite precipitously, but steadily as the beings of the future decide to make themselves into beings that aren’t really quite human anymore.

They’ll be augmented. The people of the future will live in ways… we’ve been living the same way for thousands of years. We come together in agriculture, in communities. We form pair bonds for economic benefit and to raise children.

We live human lives. The people of the future will live lives that are radically difference than the lives we’re living. This is one of the last times on Earth when all humans are living human lives. As opposed to 100 years from now, hundreds of millions and billions will be living in what are now being called post-human lives.

Post-human comes from the same lexicon as Singularity – post-human, trans-human. If you wanted a less high-falootin’ term, then you could go with “augmented human.” Because all technology, by the time it trickles down to people, has been commercialized.

It has lost its purity. So, post-human, transhuman is a little too grandiose, but augmented human. I am writing a novel of the near future right now. Not to give too much away, but a product of the near future is little cellphone like things that ride you instead of having it in hand; the thing takes responsibility for being attached to you.

It is able to crawl. There’s another version of Star Trek that comes out soon. The Borg is back. Without ever having watched whatever version of Star Trek had the Borg, they were evil augmented humans who took over human beings.

There’s one sexy Borg in one of them. We’re going to start looking like that. The Borg in Star Trek have circuit boards glued to their foreheads. We don’t look exactly like that. Sexy Borg lady helped make Obama president.

It was an actress named Jerry Ryan. She was married to a scumbag Republican politician in the state of Illinois. They got divorced for, among other reason, wanting to have sex in public with his wife. He had this hot wife and wanted to engage in pervy shit with her.

He wanted to go to night clubs and fuck her right there in the middle of the night clubs. He was running for senator or some shit, or something. He was running in an election where one of the candidates would eventually be Obama. I don’t now if it was for state office or for a national office.

This shit came out. Why he got divorced, he wanted to have sex in public with sexy Borg actress. This came out right before the election. He had to dropout. Obama won the election because pervy husband of Borg lady.

[End of recorded material]


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Rick Rosner

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