Ask A Genius 533 – “Eh”

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Ask A Genius 533 – “Eh”

February 7, 2020

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Okay, so, there’s a phenomenon of Sōshoku(-kei) danshi in Japan, bamboccioni in Italy. These are basically shut-ins…

Rick Rosner: You mentioned a place up near you, which is a retirement community. I do not consider myself a retired person. I am considering starting to take my pensions. A place with a lot of people my age and older doesn’t matter because I don’t really need young women to stare at.

Jacobsen: Also, a) you have a daughter to set an example for, b) Carole would not like that, and c), you’re a decent person.

Rosner: My daughter is 6,000 miles away.

Jacobsen: You are semi-famous and talk about these things.

Rosner: Yes, also, when I’m out at the gym, Carole doesn’t see what butts I look at. In general, I don’t look at butts. Unless, they are just ridiculous because it is creepy. I can go home and look at butts on the internet.

Jacobsen: That’s more of a guys’ problem than a women’s problem.

Rosner: Yes, guys are more visual and also more sexually harass-y. I would also make the claim…

Jacobsen: …It may be down to socio-emotional deficits in men…

Rosner: …Guys consider themselves hornier than women. There may be some biological substantiation for that. But guys are more likely to engage in sexually stimulating behaviour, including looking at butts, in their daily lives than women.

Jacobsen: Even if the women do, in my observations, they tend to be more subtle about it.

Rosner: In my experience, not beating off to the internet, it is not an older guy thing. It is old school. All of the famous MeToo rapists, or almost all of the most famous ones, e.g., Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Trump – not all rapists but sexual assaulter/abuser. Louis CK can be there too.

Not a lot of young guys there, a lot of reasonable young guys – and it won’t ever go away entirely, obviously – and women have more social pressure. There’ll be more self-policing and people calling it out.

But I think reasonable horny younger men will decide to take care of it by looking at porno on the internet. There’s some indication, though not entirely clear, that sex in general or between people is in decline in a demographic compared to decades ago, say teenagers.

I think that reasonable people have a cornucopia of porn to use. Adam Carolla comments on this being a new thing. He said his grandpa had to just lie on his back and wait for sexy shaped clouds to drop by.

So, anyway, I can move to a place where people are in their 60s and 70s.

Jacobsen: And say, “Eh.”

Rosner: I will gladly embrace a place where people say, “Eh.” I will love all of that. Even if I have to double up on my statin drugs, I will become an eager eater of poutine.

Jacobsen: There’s a colleague of mine from the UK. We discovered the stereotype of British people is a cockney English, “Ello Govna.” For Canada, we found it is a little like New Foundland or a Newfie accent.

It is kind of like Iceland to Europe. Many Europeans see them as out there, autonomous, and weird.

Rosner: We had a clip when I worked on a clipped show. It was a clip of a beached whale that you tried to blow it up to render it into smaller chunks to deal with it. Then there was this only whaler who grizzled and said, “We’re going to blow up the whale.”

Another was Pepperidge Farms old guy with a raspy voice, “Pepperidge Farm remembers.” It is a kind of older, raspy-voiced guy. Maybe, a cranberry farmer meeting a lobster farmer.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

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