Ask A Genius 540 – Tara Reid-ification of Biden-Trump

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Ask A Genius 540 – Tara Reid-ification of Biden-Trump

April 29, 2020

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Why is Tara Reid important to consider in this moment with Joe Biden as a contender against Trump in the next election?

Rick Rosner: All right, so, there’s Joe Biden. Well, they’re trying to hit the Republicans who are morally bankrupt at this point, the worst incarnation of a major US political party, probably ever, but at least since the Civil War.

They are just, as we’ve talked about the factors that have turned it into this monstrous thing before. But they’re just bad. They’re all ends justify the means and holding on to power at any price and not caring about fairness.

So it tried to hit Biden with various things. One is that he is old, senile. But if you listen to his interviews, I do not listen to him every day. But I’ve heard him interviewed a few times and he seems perfectly clear. He is got a lifelong stutter.

 So I guess not all of his sentences are perfectly smooth, but he seems fine to me. Even though he is 100 years old, he is like fucking 78, which is ridiculous that the two major political parties, the two candidates for president, one’s 74 and the other 78. Which is just ridiculous.

So hit him with old and senile, which I think is bullshit. If he was Hunter Biden, that his kid was making these sweet deals. This kid did have some sweet deals on the board of an oil company in Ukraine, but Biden didn’t have anything to do with it.

They’re trying to twist the facts to make it like Biden was doing favors, political favors; some of which didn’t really happen. Oh, the son is kind of a fucker. So anyway, those things, I’m sure they’ll come back in force as it gets closer to the general election.

We’re still six months away, but this other thing is surface. Tara Reid is a woman who has accused Biden of cornering her and jamming his hand up her dress and stuffing his fingers into her vagina.

Then she slapped him away. She says that he said, “I heard you liked me.” It is a problematic thing because we’re in the middle of MeToo, and “believe all women.” You have to at least hear her out.

It is also problematic because this is one, and the only, allegation of sexual assault against Biden. Though various women have said that he is a little touchy, like a good hand on shoulders and stuff. Nobody’s accused him of doing anything in a sexual manner except this woman.

Some women have said that he has been in the past, putting hands on people and like that. On the other hand, the other guy, Trump, has been accused of sexual assault by at least 22 women. It is, depending on how you score things, it is closer to 60 women.

Some women have taken him to court. It is like he is super rapey and he is being caught talking about it. So anyway, I choose not to believe Tara Reid. Maybe it makes me a hypocrite who doesn’t believe all women.

But I would urge people who are curious or concerned to Google her and to read, two, three, five articles about the whole thing, that list why you should believe or why you shouldn’t believe her. You won’t necessarily get everything in just one article.

The alleged incident happened 27 years ago in 1993. She didn’t come forward with it until a month ago, even though she is praised Biden for the intervening 25 years. She did say that some of the shoulder touching made her uneasy. But the finger jamming didn’t come up until a month ago.

And he has had, as I said, no other accusations of sexual abuse or assault or harassment, assuming no other allegations from other women come forward. One of the measures I use is the number of women who come forward, like with Trump and with Bill Cosby. Why? When it becomes dozens of women, then I tend to totally believe it.

Jacobsen: The End.

[End of recorded material]


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