Ask A Genius 542 – Addendum to the AAG 541, The Air-ow of Mimes: In-Action in Action

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Ask A Genius 542 – Addendum to the AAG 541, The Air-ow of Mimes: In-Action in Action

April 30, 2020

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rick Rosner: The Spanish Flu pandemic, where Republicans are also going crazy, saying that it is wrecking, saying that the shutdown, the lockdown, or stay at home is wrecking the economy, we have to open up.

When you look back in 1918, 1919, when they opened up again after a summer that gave up something of a respite a little bit, it meant a second wave that was about as bad as the first.

Maybe the second wave wasn’t as bad as the first with the Spanish Flu, but it was worse. That’s with one of the pandemics. One of the other two big pandemics of either 1957 or the Hong Kong flu of 1968-69; we opened back up and just got hammered.

So we’re set up to have that happen again, particularly in the Trumpy southeastern states, the old Confederacy, where there is Georgia and Florida opening up probably faster than they should. All right. That’s it.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Founder, In-Sight Publishing


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