Ask A Genius 590: A Compare and Contrast Between Trump and Biden

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May 22, 2021

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Scott Douglas Jacobsen: This is more off the cuff, so it’s not fair. Because it’s requiring long term knowledge, but what are the pluses, minuses, differences between former President Trump when he was in his first four months and current president Biden in his first term?

Rick Rosner: Yes, today is May 22nd, Biden became president on January 20th. So, it’s been a third of a year, so his presidency is one-twelfth over, assuming he’s just president for four years. Well, one thing I want to talk about before we get to that, which is six months after the election, more than six and a half months.

So, it was November. Yes, there are tens of millions of lunatics who refuse to believe that Trump wasn’t elected and that massive fraud got Biden into the White House. The main argument I have against this is just common sense, which is that we spent four years watching Trump be an obviously shitty president and shitty human being, and a majority of Americans saw that and voted against him.

And that’s shown by an election where one hundred and sixty million Americans voted, not only the highest number of people who voted in an American election ever by more than 10 million, but the highest percentage of Americans to ever vote in an election.

Because if you take it, I’m pretty sure it was the highest percentage ever because of vote by mail, which was made fairly easy. I might be wrong about that, but one of the highest percentages ever. If you go back 100 years, only men are voting.

So, there may have been elections in the 80s, 90s where I have a higher percentage of eligible voters voted, but only half the country was eligible to vote just based on gender anyway. A huge number of people voted.

The margin of Biden’s victory was huge, seven million. It would have taken tens of thousands of people engaging in complicated fraud to establish that margin. Then all the Trump people would say, “Well, you didn’t need that. You just needed margins of ten thousand in critical states.”

But still, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of people in a conspiracy, which is itself impossibly unlikely. But you have the evidence of the votes, so you have the evidence of Trump being a piece of shit very visible for years on end.

You have the country wrecked. Then you have polling, where there was a poll of Trump’s approval nearly every day for four years. He was president and also for a year leading up to his presidency.

So, you’re looking at over 1,200 polls of Trump. Now, you’re looking at polls of Biden. There are hundreds of those in the time leading up to his election. In the one hundred and twenty-some days he’s been president, you’re looking at, roughly, at least, 1,500 polls, almost all of which show that Biden is much more popular than Trump.

Biden’s popularity has been steady approval, steady at 53%, where Trump’s approval was steady at between the upper 30s and low 40s, between 39% and 44%, but most of the time tighter than that. So, you have this incredible stack of statistical evidence that would have to be denied.

You’d have to explain away 1,500 polls. That they’ve all been crooked. And there’s nothing reasonable about the idea that Trump got the votes. All right, so, that’s the end of Biden, who, as I said, Biden’s approval is 10 points higher than Trump’s.

At the same points in their presidency, and if people weren’t so polarized, Biden’s approval would be even higher. Under Biden, half the country has been vaccinated. We went from being one of the shittiest countries in the world at dealing with poverty to being one of the most vaccinated countries in the world in just the four months.

The vice president, the number of new cases, average daily cases of Covid has decreased by 5% since Biden became president. The number of daily deaths on average has declined by 75% to 80%. Now, that might be a little too high, but by, at least, two-thirds.

So, in terms of Covid, we’re doing much better. Trump had the twenty-one largest point drop of the Dow Jones Industrial stock average in his four years as president. Biden hasn’t had one of those yet, which doesn’t mean that he won’t. He probably will.

You always have in the course of a presidency. The stock market will decline hugely from time to time. But Trump, and Trump’s early days, the stock market went up because his business thought he would throw out regularly.

They’d be able to read more and then later he kept interest rates low to try to stem the damage of Coke. So, the stock market had a bunch of good days and a terrible year. 2020 was the deadliest year in U.S. history by 17.6%, according to early numbers out of the CDC.

A huge jump in the mortality rate. The mortality rate of 15.9%. Trump presided over the deadliest year where in 2019 roughly 2.9 million Americans died. That number from 2019 to 2020 jumped from 2.9 Million to 3.94 million, which is the greatest percent jump and the greatest jump in just bodies in a year ever.

The death rate had already been going up under Trump’s previous years. Trump was the deadliest president in U.S. history, and only a third of the jump in deaths was due to an increase in population as the U.S. population increases by less than one percent a year.

So if the population were wildly increasing, we might expect more deaths because there are more people who are alive with the potential to die. But that wasn’t something close to a million more people who died in four years under Trump than four years under any other president and only a few hundred thousand of that is due to increased population.

Not all of it’s due to Trump, but a lot of the Covid deaths are due to his utter mismanagement with other people participating in that. But there are other things that he didn’t address. You can argue that, maybe, it’s not his job, but, as you said, he did the deal. He didn’t stop the opioid crisis.

He didn’t do jack shit. That kills a lot of people. He didn’t do anything about obesity. He didn’t do anything about despair. It was just the deadliest time in modern history. 2021 is going to have a shitload of deaths, too, because the biggest number of deaths from Covid in the US, happened from October through February.

This giant third wave. There were 370,000 people under control. Now, the official number is pushing 600,000. You’re looking at a couple of hundred thousand Covid deaths under Biden and they’re not stopping. We’re still losing an average of six to seven hundred Americans to cover it every day.

If that persists for over a year, you’re stuck. You’re looking at a quarter-million people right there. The 600,000 official deaths isn’t accurate and statisticians say that the true number of US Covid deaths is probably somewhere between 700,000 and 900,000. 

By the time it’s over, it’s already arguably the deadliest event in US history. By the time it’s over, it will absolutely be the deadliest event in U.S. history, but deaths are coming down on everybody.

As school gets out, it’s reasonable to hope that more and more people get vaccinated. Even with vaccine resistance, that will start to drop under five hundred US deaths on average. I haven’t seen a count of the number of lives Biden has told versus how many Trump told as president.

But I think Trump’s total was close to 20,000 public lies. Trump and Biden don’t talk to the media as much. Trump would often tweet and Biden doesn’t tweet as much. 4 years is something like 14 public lies a day.

The number of lies he told went up every year of his presidency. By the last year of his presidency, when he was holding all the rallies, he was averaging more than two dozen public lies every day.

And you’re not getting that out of the Biden one. To some extent, there’s more of a national calmness because the nation doesn’t have to be on alert every day for crazy shit happening out of the White House.

Although, we’re not as calm as we could be because Trump’s followers and the Republicans in the Senate, the House, are denying that we had an insurrection on January 6th when Trump gave the speech that prompted his followers to storm the Capital.

Initially, a bunch of Republicans applaud the attack on the Capitol, but lately, they’ve been denying. They’re trying to stop the US from having a commission, the House and Senate, for having a commission looking into the events of January 6th.

Everybody on Twitter, it’s like they had thirty-three hearings into the four deaths of the guys in Libya. And the Republicans aren’t even going to allow us to have one hearing into the attack on the Capitol. That makes a lot of people nervous.

The voter suppression legislation, Americans are afraid. Americans who aren’t Trump accomplices are afraid that if the Republicans gain/regain a majority in the House or Senate in 2022, they will pass a bunch of legislation that will make it so.

That might mean the end of democracy, but it might make it impossible for a Democrat to be certified as president ever again, even if they get many more votes. It’s super crazy and creepy what the Republicans are up to, but Biden has the Republicans trying to portray him as sleepy Joe.

They say he’s not even president; that it’s Kamala Harris who’s running the country. They just say a bunch of crap that’s ridiculous. He’s proven to be coherent, reasonable, energetic. He’s a normal, pretty good president, regardless of how the Trump cultists characterize it. It’s a relief. Jobs are recovering to some extent.

We’ve got the $1.9 billion relief bill passed. One of the big issues that will determine whether his presidency is successful is whether enough Democratic senators can be persuaded to do away with the filibuster, which basically requires 60 votes out of 100 senators to pass most legislation.

The Democrats in the Senate have only a majority of 50 votes is about a tiebreaker. So, to get much done, they’re going to need them to get rid of the filibuster for which they’ll need all of these Democratic senators to vote against the filibuster, which will be tough because there are two very conservative senators, Krysten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin.

Because they often vote as if they’re Republicans. No Republicans vote as if they’re Democrats. So, in the minds of some people, maybe, sometimes in democracy, itself, is all the things that are much more normal.

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