Ask A Genius 242 – Smarter Than Who?

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Ask A Genius 242 – Smarter Than Who?

Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner

July 28, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Jacobsen: What about formally? You are on the World Genius Directory of Jason Betts.

Rosner: Hold on, hold on.  I also like there’s a whole little cluster of women at Harvard at the beginning of the 20th century who are responsible for much of our understanding of the structure of the universe.  Who didn’t get the credit they deserved.

Like Henrietta Swan Leavitt and her crew.  What’s that lady, the one that discovered the elemental composition of stars.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Cecelia Helena Payne?

Rick Rosner: Yeah.  She’s interesting, in that she came up with this huge discovery and is almost entirely absent from our collective scientific memory.  Compared to people whose names are pretty much household names, like Hubble — who builds his work upon the work of these women.  I like reading about [indecipherable], but there’s not too much more to read about him.  So, anyway.  Oh, you asked who is smarter than me, and…

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


In-Sight Publishing


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