Ask A Genius 320 – Markets, Mothers, and Climate Change (6)


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Ask A Genius 320 – Markets, Mothers, and Climate Change (6)

October 14, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Also there are pushes to do two things that build on the worst aspects of faith, religious faith. One, an attempt at reversion to literalist interpretation propped up. You can name many in your country. Another one is the use of non-literalist metaphor, allegorical interpretations of religious scripture… that just happen to align with the political and social… interests of far-Right wing ideological movements.

Rick Rosner: Yeah there is a log segment of the population on both sides; though I would tend to think it is more on the right… that have less and less… well… more and more excuse un-ethical behavior of their segment of society. They arm themselves with miss-information about what their opponents are doing, and this miss-information presents the opponents as so evil that… this type of aggressive Trump voting Christian thinks that whatever they do in being assholes is excused because their enemy is so horrible.

Jacobsen: Like the… you can build conditionals that have a whole host of premises in them. If you are pro-choice then you are a baby killer, as well as I do there a huge number of premises that are shoved into their heads through continual marketing campaigns.

Rosner: So there are two things going on that have created this. One is… right wind media, for the most part, clever right wing branding, which the Democrats never thought they needed to engage in because of democrats always a naively think that the facts will win out and common sense will win out. Jerry Mandering… super polarised both in people holding elective office and in the population. The more polarised we are, the more each side demonizes the other. The next major chance we get to reduce… Jerry Mandering based polarisation is in 2020, the US has a census every 10 years ending in zero. Congressional districts are supposed to be redrawn based on the results of each census. The Republicans kicked ass in 2010, they manipulated the district redrawing to fuck over the Democrats… the last seven years of politics have been especially retched largely because of the Republicans winning the redistricting battle of 2010. Which the Democrats didn’t even really know they were fighting. But, the Democrats will know, they do know that they need to do better in 2020. We may get… every few months a redistricting case… or a lawsuit makes it to a higher court and… we may get better district in 2020. Or a 5:4 Supreme Court may say fuck you to redistricting… but we got a shot in 2020.

Jacobsen: That’s all good.

Rosner: Except me may accept buying a duplex up near you in Canada.

Jacobsen: I look forward to seeing ya.

Rosner: Okay, you can scout out properties.

Jacobsen: They are not that expensive depending on what you get. If I was… let’s say… I’m an engaged dude, baby, on the way… so I am thinking two and a half on the way. 1500 bucks for a decent place. For a one-room place for a single person, like a bachelor suite can be from 650 to 1050.

Rosner: You can’t do anything in L.A for that. Might be able to live in somebody’s garage. I have known people to do that. Anyway, what you are looking for is a duplex where they had a drug deal that died and wasn’t found for about a month so the smell is not good. That is usually the best bargain. Based on an urban legend on a Corvette that’s for sale for $300.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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