Ask A Genius 321 – Mating Strategies

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Ask A Genius 321 – Mating Strategies (1)

October 15, 2017

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Rick Rosner: I think that what you see in terms of partnership choices in the future may reflect mating strategies. When you have… today and for the past few decades, when you have unusual mating arrangements, like people in a three-way mating arrangement or a four-way. It’s, it’s sensational, it’s something you’d say on—goodbye.

It’s something you’d see in an HBO like sex documentary. It’s seen as fascinating or titillating. But in the future, I think differing you know, mating arrangements other than two people closely bonded for a period of time will become more common. Partially because it’s… there’s more support for you know, alternate lifestyles, due to increased information via the internet and social media. Increased tolerance. And to say increased tolerance…

And these, the gender fluidity was something that was you know, largely unheard of a decade or two ago. That person could change their minds about who they are sexual. I think, well, just people didn’t know that that was a thing and to the extent that they did know it was a thing was like, like an oh come on thing, really, how much more are we going to have to deal with in terms of new, like, genders or gender orientations.

And as time goes on, people will grow to be more at home than just with tolerant attitudes. Expansive attitudes. But in terms of mate selection, alternate or non-traditional partners—nontraditional joining of people may in itself be a sexual… a strategy to, maybe a sexual strategy that you know, in relationships where a woman is in love with more than one guy or is in love with a woman and a guy.

A guy is in love with two women. Those things may turn out to be, for some people, ways to have relationships where perhaps one or more of the people in the relationship felt closed out of partnerships in the past. Either due to personal preferences or due to just not being able to find a niche to be successful in, not being able to find a way to be sexually successful.

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Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing


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