Ask A Genius 455 – The Future of Cultures (8)

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Ask A Genius 455 – The Future of Cultures (8)

November 26, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Helen Fisher is a leading biological anthropologist. She talks about love and aspects of it. It matches some of what you’re saying. 

Rick Rosner: The economics of love is there, of two people making shoes as a couple is more effective than one person. But then there is the biological economics of it. That two people may be more successful at producing kids who survive.

All those forces are braided together and in the same direction, in the same way a game show pushes towards the same direction. The pushes in the future will not come from nature but from altered nature.

The beings who take charge of their own drives and objectives as well.

Jacobsen: There is also the sexual wall of the progressive and non-religious popular culture, and the traditional and conservative religious culture of much of the world. Those two sub-trends with the overarching narrative of technologically driven change.

There is a wall. There won’t be much change. But once that wall is collapsed with replication of human-level consciousness, then it becomes immediately cheap. Something akin to the Genome Project costing a billion dollars and then going down to 1,000 bucks.

Rosner: It is Black Friday specials. You can get two genomes run for you, your sister, and your spouse for 100 bucks.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

American Television Writer


Rick Rosner

Scott Douglas Jacobsen

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