Ask A Genius 456 – The Future of Cultures (9)

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Ask A Genius 456 – The Future of Cultures (9)

November 27, 2018

[Beginning of recorded material]

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: I think similar trends can exist with these familial and other trends, how ever they are formed, will continue to persist based on natural inertia of history and culture.

Rick Rosner: We have talked about this before. There is a splitting of paths. Depending on how much technological weirdness you can tolerate, there will continue to be unaugmented humans living what we consider normal human lives even 1,000 years from now.

Those lives, what is continued normal, will continue to change and suck up more technology but still living lives we will still understand. But above and around those, there will be increasingly weird, to us, augmented, changed, and tweaked humans and other thinking entities establishing stable cultures and easy ways of being.

The forces that will line up to make it convenient to live in a number of different ways. 200 years from now, there may be four demographically dominant ways of living: 1) traditional humans living traditionally with potentially expanded lifespans, 2) augmented humans living like superheroes and practically indestructible but still following human objectives and imperatives to be studly and rich and powerful and to get laid, and following this, maybe, 3) augmented humans and AI entities are finding it convenient to merge as hyperconnected information thought blobs, and then beyond that 4) you have the worldwide thought blob manufacturing consciousnesses at its convenient, where it needs it.

Beings voluntarily popping in and out of existing based on the information processing needs of the overall information processing enterprise, all these levels, if these are persistent means of culture, will be reinforced by how easy it is for people to live in that culture.

There will be some mobility. People will balls or gumption can change. There will always be escapees. In your interviewees, you talk to a lot of people who have left Islam and religion in general to kind of go out on their own.

People who were part of fundamentalist and constraining religions who have had enough of what they consider oppressive, to try and live without it. You will have people and entities who travel out into the various ways of living.

[End of recorded material]


Rick Rosner

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Rick Rosner

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